Barcelona is a city found in Catalonia. Catalonia is an Autonomous Region of Spain with hopes to be separated from its country to become a new state of its own. With a population of 1,608,746 inhabitants in 2016, it is the second most populated city of Spain after Madrid, and the eleventh biggest city of the European Union. Nowadays, Barcelona is recognized as one of the best cities of the world because of its cultural, financial, commercial, tourism and multicultural importance.








The price of the rent in relation to the apartment / flat, in Barcelona has become more expensive in the last years. The price will vary from the geographical location of the apartment. In this written we will talk about the average of the price of the rent in Barcelona per districts. I would like to mention that a district is a geographic division wider in comparison of a neighborhood:
The amount of the rent is more expensive when the apartment is in the district of Sant Gervasi – Sarrià (red color), having an average price of 1,125.8 EUR per month. The prices are lower in the Eixample (885.3 EUR) and les Corts (971.2 EUR) districts (brown color). The prices are more reduced in the following districts: Horta-Guinardó (614.1 EUR), Gràcia (764.3 EUR), Sant Andreu (635.4 EUR), Sant Martí (754 EUR), Sants-Montjuic (664 EUR) and Ciutat Vella (715.9 EUR) (yellow color). All of these prices mentioned above are taken from a 2016 source.
Here you have a map with what we just wrote. We believe that the figures will be better understood if they are divided into different colors.


Usually the apartments / flats in Barcelona are modern, inside a building, usually with a lift. In comparison of the Nordic countries, these homes are prepared for the heat, because of the climatology of the city.
The best web pages to find a flat in Barcelona are the following ones:,,,,



Are you coming from abroad? Now we will explain everything you need to know in order to start living in Barcelona. This written will be good to read if you come from overseas, and from inside the European area at the same time. (We would explain everything you need to know if you come from outside Europe, but for this please use the forum found in our website).

NIE: Foreigners Identification Number

First of all, we recommend to have a NIE card. NIE stands for “Foreigners Identification Number” and it is useful for those who wish to reside in Spain more than 3 months. With this card you can work in Spain, open a bank account, be an entrepreneur, request a tax return, owe a car, register in the Social Security and register in Spain.
We have seen that the NIE card is very important if you plan to live in Barcelona for a period longer than 3 months. Not only you will need it for work and for registering with the Social Security, but you may also need it to become Spanish if you want to live longer in Spain.


Which papers do you need to bring and where can you get it?
You will have to have one of these reasons to owe this card: You need this card because either you work in a Spanish company or you are a Spanish entrepreneur or you are studying or even you are here to meet a relative in Spain. Providing one of these reasons you can get this card.
You will need to find the website of the Foreigners of Barcelona Office. In this website you will need to request a ticket to get an appointment. After having requested it they will answer you through email, telling that you will need to have some personal information with you and also they will indicate you when and where will be the appointment. Usually this appointment takes place in Rambla Guipúscoa, 74 – Barcelona). One or a couple of months after the appointment the Spanish Government will provide you the NIE card in the indicated address you have provided.
The personal information that you will need to bring with you, as indicated above, are: A proof of the appointment, your passport, a filled form – x15, a filled form 790 code 12 and a proof if you are working or studying.
The cost of the whole process is 11 Euros.




In order to open a bank account in Barcelona you will have to owe a NIE card if you come from overseas:
However, some banks don’t require a NIE, such as Banco Popular, La Caixa and Banco Santander. So if you still do not have the card for some reasons I recommend you to go to one of these three banks if you need a Spanish bank account.




We are talking about Barcelona. Obviously there are a lot of sights to visit. We will just mention a few.




Sagrada Família is a monumental basilica dedicated to the Holy Family: Jesus, Maria and Joseph. The construction began in 1883 by Antoni Gaudí, who he was a local and an international landmark for the differentiation in relation to his architecture.
Catalan modernism, being a golden age in that period of time, was becoming even more popular thanks to this project: It was one of the most famous architectures that highlighted this art, along with other architectures and sculptures, also found in Barcelona.
From the artistic sight, Barcelona would start to become a European reference basically thanks to the construction of the Sagrada Familia.
The basilica is located on 401, Mallorca St. and the tickets to visit the arquitecture cost 29 EUR.




Casa Batlló is another building designed by Antoni Gaudí. This architecture began in 1904 and is located on Passeig de Gràcia, n. 43.
The tickets to visit Casa Batlló cost 23.5 EUR.
This building is featured for its impressive façade divided in three parts: The tallest part, which is further away from the alignment of the street; the central part, where the balconies are standing out; and the lower part with the ground floor, which is built by a structure made of stones.
The building is also featured for its spectacular insides: walls, furniture, staircases, etc. All these elements are detailed giving a modernist life.
This building was one of the architectures that together with the Sagrada Família and the Pedrera, are one of the most important ones in respect of the Catalan modernism.




Also called Gothic, it is the oldest Neighborhood of Barcelona. In these old streets are a lot of  important buildings, from the City Council and the Generalitat, to the Basilica de la Mercè. If you have the opportunity to stroll through this neighborhood, you will surely have the feeling of being in a small town on the outskirts of Barcelona, where there is a special harmony filling the streets. The streets of this neighborhood are rather narrow, with small and historical buildings. You will not regret this marvel of Barcelona.





This auditorium was built by the architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner. His work began in 1905 and the building is located in Palau de la Música street, 4-6.
Its lateral facade is featured for their red and ceramic columns. The old ticket offices, which are still located in the middle of these large columns, are important elements to see because of tis history. In the first floor of the building there is a balcony characterized by 14 detailed white ceramic columns with a few different drawings in each column.
In the inside of this palace, there are several elements of great value that we will briefly describe. I think you’d better look at the picture. A picture is better than a thousand words.
As we said, in the inside there is a scenario featured for its thresholds. These thresholds are completed by magnificent sculptures reaching the roof.
The lamp in the centre of the room is represented by two colours: blue and yellow. It has a very peculiar shape: like a very large drop falling from the roof.
In the surroundings of the inside of the room there are columns which are united thanks to different archs which are sharply finished.




Antoni Gaudí also worked in Park Güell. In this park there is a large garden with architectural elements in the inside. The architectures of this park are found in: the accesses, the reception, the dragon staircase, the hypostyle room, the Greek theater, the bugadera porch, the gardens of Austria, the streets, the roads and the viaducts. All these elements mentioned above have a brand of Gaudí.
In addition, if you have the opportunity to go inside Park Güell you will see Barcelona from a viewpoint.
The tickets to go in Park Güell cost 7 EUR online. 8 EUR if you buy it in the ticket offices. To get to the Park Güell you can take the L3 line of the underground, stopping in Vallcarca or Lesseps stations. Or if you preffer going by bus you can use the lines H6, 32, 24 and 92.





There are different cards depending on the length of the trip and the period you want to travel. These cards can be used on buses, undergrounds, trams and trains in a public and long-distance level:
Single tickets: One trip
T-10: 10 trips, with 75 minutes between the first and last validation (you can use the underground, bus, train and tram in the same trip, up to 75 minutes).
T – 50/30: 50 trips in 30 days, with 75 minutes between the first and last validation.
T – Mes: Allows you to have unlimited trips within a single month.
T – Trimestre: Allows you to have unlimited trips within 90 days.
T – Jove: Card for citizens under 25 years old. They can have unlimited travel within 90 days.
T – 70/30: Allows you to have 70 trips in 30 days, with 75 minutes between the first and last validation.
T – Dia: Allows you to have unlimited trips in a single day.
T – Mes FM: It is the same as T-Month but for large families.


Where to buy them

All these cards can be bought in the machines found in the underground and bus stations.
In the information offices in the underground and in the bus, also located in these stations.
ServiCaixa (La Caixa. “Bank”)
Other sides of customer service.


How much do they cost


T-50/30 – 42.5 eur. Valid only for one zone.
T – Mes:



T-FM Mes

How to use it

These cards are made of paper and they have a magnetic stripe on the reverse. The important thing is not to fold these papers: if you fold the line found in the reverse, which is the magnetic stripe, then the card will not work and you will have to change it in one of the offices mentioned above.
Well, once you owe one of these you have to introduce it in the subway / bus / train / tram machines if you want to use the public transport. The card will automatically be fully inserted until it disappears inside these machines. The machine will make a beep and after one or two seconds the card will appear again with a line printed in the back.



Both public transports are part of TMB (Transport Metropolità de Catalunya – Metropolitan Transport of Catalonia).
As discussed earlier, the cards can be used in both public transports. We have attached a map of the underground lines of Barcelona. It will help you where you ware and where you want to go.



There are a lot of trains that goes in different villages and cities outside Barcelona. Also, some trains have their stop in the catalan capital.
FGC – Generalitat of Catalunya Railways
Renfe – National Network of Spanish Railways
Some of the most famous train stations in Barcelona are Estació de Sants, Estació de França and Estació del Nord.





The Mediterranean weather is defined by its warm temperature, where the four seasons are quite differentiated between them and also regular in comparison of the last years.
In the summer, Barcelona’s highest temperature can reach the average of 30 – 33 degrees. And their lower temperatures can be dropped to 18 -20 degrees.
In winter minimum temperatures can drop to 8-12 degrees.
There is a high level of humidity found in the whole seasons of the year. This causes that the feeling of cold is low during the winter time and in summer the heat seems higher for the same reason.




I would like to give a mall suggestion: if you come from a foreign country and you do not have work experience because you have recently finished your studies then one of the best ways to find a job is sending your CV in the hotel industry of Barcelona.
Another way is to distribute your CV in bars, restaurants, cafes, etc. if you don’t have work experience. In Barcelona city centre there is a really big atmosphere of tourists and a lot of restaurants are run by expatriate people. You have a great chance to find a job and to start living in this beautiful city.
You can also try to send your CV in the field of your studies. A lot of companies in Barcelona require a good level of English for some positions and even they require natives for more specific positions.
The minimum wage in Barcelona in 2017 is 707.60 EUR / Month. It has increased an 8% compared to the minimum wage of 2016.
I would also like to mention that in Barcelona, ​​in 2005, a small foreign environment was born, and formed by small start ups. These foreign Start ups have been in live since then. That means that they continued recruiting foreign workers. However, other start ups just closed their businesses and basically they had to fire the workers. I general, from 2005 until today 2017, there has been a very large increase of start ups, ​​causing an intense growth.
In conclusion, if you come from abroad, you have many chances to find work.
In order to find a job you can apply in this website (menu – CV registration – we translate and send your CV to all the recruiters you can find in Barcelona), or through, or which are one of the most popular websites to find a job.



In Barcelona there are a lot of different channels in order to find work. We recommend that in order to find work do not close your possibilities into just one specific channel. Usually, to find work is though, it is a dream for every person to find the right work in the right time and a better life style in general. Work is essential to everyone, as we are dedicating most part of our day. Not all the jobs are perfect. Even, in the high positions there are a lot of issues to be solved without forgetting the amount of responsability the directors might have.
Some other jobs can bring you another perspective of life depending on the grade of responsability.
I invite you to take a look at this short written. There are some recommendations of channels and also there are statistics of the evolution of the Spanish economy in the last few years.
These are the main channels:


It is a service that is provided to companies to find the right workers that meets the profile and the appropiate capacities that they demand.
The recruitment services, as specialists, ensure that the staff you recommend meets the objectives outlined by the organization in an efficient manner.
**** 60% of job searches in Barcelona are done through Recruitment services ****
Currenctly, in Barcelona there are more than 70 Recruiters. Your CV can be distributed to all the Human Resources consultants in the city, with JobArounder.



2 – ETT

The acronyms represent “Temporary Work Companies”. They are companies that hire people to work in a company, for an specific period of time that can not exceed 6 months.
If you want to start in to work once you finish your studies or if you want to change your profession and start a different one, ETT is the best option to apply.
Currently, in Barcelona there are more than 20 ETTs. Your CV can be distributed to all ETTs in the city, with Jobarounder.








Recruiters do not hire the worker, they simply put him in contact with the company and then the recruitment service ends. The final company is responsible for the chosen worker.
ETTs seek the worker, selects and contracts him/her, and then puts him/her at the disposal of the company in which they will work. ETT is responsible for the selected worker.



          Sort of contract

Recruiters work with all sort of contracts.
ETT work with specific contracts. Casual contract due to production overload or backlog: When there is a peak of activity in companies, for example at Christmas, sales, short campaigns, summer… Specific project or service: when it is necessary to carry out an activity with start and end date. Interim: for substitutions or to cover a leave.



          Period of contract

Recruiter. They do not have any limitation of the contract’s period.
ETT contracts have a maximum of 6 months of duration.


There are certain companies providing recruitment services and ETT services at the same time





3 – Social networks

Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Browse into the social network. There are a lot of job offers.



4 – Press

Newspapers and magazines are the oldest channels to look for a job, and they are still there.


5 – Chambers of Commerce


Some entrepeneurs and owners of small, medium or large business are taking part of Chambers of Commerce in order to raise the productivity, quality and competitveness of their businesses.

6 – Professional Associations and Colleges


7 – Work events

For example exibitions, trade fairs, etc.











In the chart below we can see that there has been an increase of occupation in the last 3 years in Catalonia, going from 49.9 percent to 52.3 percent. That allows us to predict that there are more job vacancies in Barcelona in comparison of the previous years, and of course, in comparison of 2007, in where the crisis started to invade the Spain.
Nowadays it is a good moment to find work in Barcelona, and in Catalonia, in general.









According to the official statistics platform of Catalonia, (Institut d’Estadística de Catalunya – INDESCAT), there is an increase of occupation in the city of Barcelona and its surroundings, being 15.5% the unemployment rate of Barcelona city.
One of the causes of this matter is the incorporation of foreign Start Ups in the city. For some reason, new companies chose to start in Barcelona.





According to the official statistics platform of Spain (Instituto Nacional de Estadística – INE) there is also a decrease of unemployment throughout the country.











We have briefly mentioned how to start to live in Barcelona. We have touched the most important points to have a basic standard of style of living.
The most important part of this text, I must say, is to take into consideration the Minimum Wage of 2017 and the price of rent of the accomodation: One’s can not save much money in comparison of the Nordic countries, but Barcelona gains in the quality of life (climatology, Mediterranean food, more events, etc.) which is much better than the Nordic countries.
We have developed 2 important points when it comes to finding work in Barcelona:
The first and most important are the channels to find work: Recruiters and ETT. If you are looking for a permanent job, we suggest you to send your CV to the recruiters of the city. JobArounder can send your CV and your Cover Letter to all the recruiters in the city. If you are looking for a temporary job, either because you have finished your studies or want to start a new profession different from the current one, then we suggest you to send your CV to ETT companies mentioned above. Also, JobArounder can send your CV in all ETT companies in Barcelona.
Another important fact to take into consideration is that there is an increase in job vacanices in Barcelona and also a decrease in unemployment (as stated in the grafics above). We can say that it is a good time to find work in Barcelona (July – 2017).
Good Luck!