Barcelona is a city found in Catalonia, in the east area of the peninsula. With a population of 1,608,746 inhabitants in 2016, it is the second most populated city of Spain after Madrid, and the eleventh biggest city of the European Union. Nowadays, Barcelona is recognized as a global city because of its cultural, financial, commercial and tourist importance.







In Barcelona there are a lot of different channels in order to find work. We recommend that in order to find work do not close your possibilities into just one specific channel. Usually, to find work is though, it is a dream for every person to find the right work in the right time and to have a better life style. Work is essential to everyone, as we dedicate to it most part of our day. Not all the jobs are perfect. Even, in the high positions there are some issues to be solved without forgetting the amount of responsability that they might have.

Jobs with less responsability they can bring you another perspective of life. Always it depends on what people are looking for in their lifes, to be more fulfilled in their matter of pace.

I invite you to take a look at this short written. There are some recommendations of channels and also there are statistics of the evolution of the Spanish economy in the last few years.

These are the main channels:




It is a service that is provided to companies to find the right workers that meets the profile and the appropiate capacities that they demand.
The recruitment services, as specialists, ensure that the staff you recommend meets the objectives outlined by the organization in an efficient manner.
**** 60% of job searches in Barcelona are done through Recruitment services ****
Currenctly, in Barcelona there are more than 70 Recruiters. Your CV can be distributed to all the Human Resuources consultants in the city, with JobArounder.



2 – ETT

The acronyms represent “Temporary Work Companies”. They are companies that hire people to work in a company, for an specific period of time that can not exceed 6 months.
If you want to start in to work once you finish your studies or if you want to change your profession and start a different one, ETT is the best option to apply.
Currently, in Barcelona there are more than 20 ETTs. Your CV can be distributed to all ETTs in the city, with Jobarounder.








Recruiters do not hire the worker, they simply put him in contact with the company and then the recruitment service ends. The final company is responsible for the chosen worker.
ETTs seek the worker, selects and contracts him/her, and then puts him/her at the disposal of the company in which they will work. ETT is responsible for the selected worker.



          Sort of contract

Recruiters work with all sort of contracts.
ETT work with specific contracts. Casual contract due to production overload or backlog: When there is a peak of activity in companies, for example at Christmas, sales, short campaigns, summer… Specific project or service: when it is necessary to carry out an activity with start and end date. Interim: for substitutions or to cover a leave.



          Period of contract

Recruiter. They do not have any limitation of the contract’s period.
ETT contracts have a maximum of 6 months of duration.


There are certain companies providing recruitment services and ETT at the same time





3 – Social networks

Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Browse into the socieal network. There are a lot of job offers.



4 – Press

Newspapers and magazines are the oldest channels to look for a job, and they are still there.


5 – Chambers of Commerce


These are organizations formed by entrepeneurs or owners of small, medium or large business in order to raise the productivity, quality and competitveness of their businesses.

6 – Professional Associations and Colleges


7 – Work events

For example exibitions, trade fairs, etc.











In the chart below we can see that there has been an increase of occupation in the last 3 years in Catalonia, going from 49.9 percent to 52.3 percent. That allows us to predict that there are more job vacancies in Barcelona comparing the previous years, and of course comparing the numbers with 2007, in which the crisis started to invade the territories. It is a better period of time to find work in Catalonia, and in Barcelona in general.









According to the official statistics platform of Catalonia, (Institut d’Estadística de Catalunya – INDESCAT), there is an increase of occupation in the city of Barcelona and its surroundings, being 15.5% the unemployment rate of Barcelona city.
One of the causes of this matter is the incorporation of foreign Start Ups in the city. Form some reasons, may be because of the spectacular city, the environment or the traditions, a lot of companies have been established in Barcelona forming start ups, that in the time they have grew up.





According to the official statistics platform of Spain (Instituto Nacional de Estadística – INE) there is also a decrease of unemployment throughout the country











 We have developed 2 important points when it comes to finding work in Barcelona.
The first and most important are the channels to find work: Recruiters and ETT. If you are looking for a permanent job, send your CV to the recruiters of the city. JobArounder will send you the CV and your Cover Letter to all the recruiters in the city if you don´t want to do it by yourself. If you are looking for a temporary job, either because you have finished your studies or want to start a new profession different from the current one, then I suggest you to send your CV to ETT mentioned avobe. Again, if you don´t want to do this operation because of it is time consuming, then JobArounder will send your CV in all the ETT in Barcelona.
Another important fact to take into consideration is that there is an increase in employment in Barcelona and also a decrease in unemployment (as stated in the grafics above). We can say that it is a good time to find work in Barcelona.

Good Luck!