How can I be sure my CV doesn’t go to the wrong place?

In relation of your CV, JobArounder contacts recruiters who have joined into our website to create a relationship based on trust. All of these recruiters are contacted and vetted to confirm they are real recruiters before they’re added to our database. In addition, JobArounder follows up with them to keep track of any changes, such as change of addresses or closures.

Your CV is safe with JobArounder, and it will be sent straight away to the right recruiters according to your work experience.

When will the recruiter contact me?

Recruiters can contact you directly at any time to let you know about a new position in your chosen city. We don’t get involved in the conversation between you and the recruiter.

How will the recruiter will contact me?

Recruiters will contact you using the contact information you set out in your CV. If you have specified more than one way to contact you, such as email and telephone number, it’s up to the recruiter to choose the way they’d like to contact you.

Can others know which recruiters receive my cv?

No, all the recruiters are in our private internal database, which isn’t shared with external users. In consequence, we are able to increase the security of your CV.