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If you believe your own country doesn’t have enough job opportunities for you, or if you already work abroad but want to improve your career opportunities, we can help. If you believe that we have the power to change the course of our careers for professional success take a look at our website.

We Translate your CV


IF required, we translate your CV and Cover Letter. It will be processed as accurately as possible, taking into consideration the local idioms, specific phrases, grammar, and spellings.



We change the format of your CV for cities that have a specific format that is typically required for a CV. For example, in Dublin, you don’t add a profile picture or your age on your CV, because of their anti-discrimination laws.

We Send your CV

SENDING of your documents

We help you to create an International Business Plan and a strategy. We provide mentorship focused on bringing questions to the mentee in order to help find answers and buld a Strategic building plan. We send your CV and Cover Letter to specialised recruiters in your chosen city.










Why choose us?


We increase the chances of finding a job in Dublin and Barcelona

Controlled distribution of quality is the key for success in any type of seek.

We have the capability of project execution with a unique wide geographical sides.

Space-time can be a handicap in relation to the seek of the interview oportunity. This is an area where a current recruiter has a professional but tinier geographical range of performance and the client will not have the right competence to exhibit their expertise.

JobArounder gives you the certainty to distribute your CV to any recruiter of our operational cities in 1-3 working days after being received.